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About Me

I am a Venezuelan-American pediatrician looking to share all I've learned and continue to learn about life, love, and pediatrics. Join me in this adventure. 

My name is Edith Bracho-Sanchez, and I’m from Caracas, Venezuela. I had an incredibly happy childhood back in the days kids in Venezuela were free to be kids. One day I fell in love with humans and with science, so I became a doctor.

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My parents taught me by example to rise with the sun and fearlessly pour my heart into this life. Days at our house start with a conversation over coffee. Miles away, I often still phone in for “el cafecito.” My brother and sister inspire me and keep me cool, honest, and grounded. The rest of my family is in Venezuela, but let me tell you- the Bracho Sanchez powers active through the distance when needed.




I love to get lost in new places and can’t wait to swap adventure stories with you. Love, family, and exercise keep this busy doctora healthy and happy.

I believe in the use of media as a tool to promote health.  I also believe in the power of personal connection and the joined efforts of creative minds.  With this website I hope to share my journey and what I’ve learned about humans and our world, as well as about health and pediatrics. 

Please remember the content on this website does not replace medical advise from a physician who is seeing you in person and that my views don’t reflect those of any organization I work with or to which I belong.